Refund Policy

Once we receive an inquiry from you, the availability of your chosen apartment(s) will be checked and we will advise you as soon as possible whether or not the apartment is available. Where you have submitted a general inquiry or an inquiry for multiple properties, we will respond to you with suitable options and availability as soon as is reasonably possible, and the terms and conditions of booking for each apartment you are offered will be communicated to you in order to facilitate your decision-making process.

We reserve the right to reject any bookings or inquiries which are:

  • Less than the published minimum stay
  • Are for 1 night
  • Are shorter than 3 nights across any weekend period.
  • Confirmation of booking

To book an apartment, we require our standard online booking form to be completed and submitted by you. We will send this to you once you have told us that you wish to make a booking. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, bookings cannot be confirmed until payment has been made in full for accommodation booked.

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