Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai

Things To Do: 2022’s Unmissable Attractions in Dubai

As we dive into a fresh start, January 2022 presents an endless medium of fun and adventure in the city of Dubai.  As the coldest month of the year, tourists and residents are part of an encouraging ambiance for taking advantage of the city’s several up-and-coming trends and outdoor tourist attractions. To make the most […]

Photo of the annual christmas market held at Madinat Jumeirah

5 Special Ways to Spend Your Christmas in Dubai

There’s nothing like Christmas in Dubai. It’s the time of the year where everything suddenly falls in line. The weather is just right, families from different corners of the city get together, and venues line up with exotic Christmas specials all over town. What makes this season special for us, is not just its ability […]

December Offer: 5 Unmissable Hotels in Dubai for the festive season

Although traditions are great, it is important to welcome change. This year, serviced apartments allow you to do just this and not only make room for new environments but also let new traditions arise among your friends and families. The days following the wintery month of December, are filled with joyous laugher, pleasant temperatures and […]

November Calendar: Everything you need on your season’s itinerary

As the city approaches its colder months, the city’s exuberant crowd gears up to make the most of outdoor activities. Following its colder months, temperatures in the city gradually drop to a pleasant low making room for an eventful 2021. Here are a few November recommendations, collated by our local experts. Global Village: As of […]

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