A Guide To Finding Corporate Housing In Unfamiliar Locations

If you’ve been given the task of relocating an employee to a new city, it can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re not familiar with the location. This may also apply if you’re responsible for arranging a lengthy business trip and require reliable corporate lodging for the entire team. When searching for short- and long-term corporate […]

Tune Into These 7 Podcasts If You’re A Digital Nomad

Digital Nomadism is here to stay. We know that now, from the rapid extinction of traditional office settings, and strict 9 to 5’s. If there’s one thing we can say for sure about the 21st century, it’s that people love flexibility. Flexibility in terms of work, work spaces and the freedom to get out there […]

Season’s Specials: Top 5 Hotel Apartments Hosting Festive Dinners

From Christmas eve to setting the tone for a brand-new year ahead, Dubai’s leading hotels are offering exciting new offers and festive spaces to spend time with your loved ones. From discounted dining options to a delicious menu hand made to reflect the joyful season, there’s no better time to venture out into Dubai’s vibrant […]

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