Vida Dubai Marina

The beautiful Dubai Marina is located in a 50 million square feet community area. This area has a vast territory of elegant waterfront, and this serves as a focal point for many other beautiful projects which are found around the region. By means of an amazing modern aesthetic design, the Dubai Marina is currently not only the first but also the best when you talk about waterfront developments which are found in the waterfront community. The available area of development which is around 50 million square feet gives the Dubai Marina a large area of about 3.5km of the canal where you can access the sea at both ends. The Dubai Marina has so many high rise buildings and apartments such as corporate apartments for rent, furnished apartments for rent, serviced apartments for rent and others for lease and purchase.

There are also available villas which are located all around the Marina. With so many yachts found in the Marina, you can enjoy an amazing party and sea life. You can also get to enjoy the best dining, wonderful entertainment facilities and also leisure time. The Dubai Marina should be your first choice for you when it comes to a location that is both stylish and wonderfully organized giving you that touch of sophistication. The Dubai Marina has about 10 different districts which are all made in such a way that it is like a distinct community. It is made up of the Dubai Marina walk. In the Dubai Marina walk unit, you see a lot of wonderful restaurants which are scattered around the waterfront. Another amazing component of the Dubai Marina is the popular Dubai Marina Mall which is about 150,000 square meters. This mall is made up of shopping places and other places for entertainment. The Address Dubai Marina is another wonderful part of this area. It is a 5- star hotel which provides services for residences. The Marina Plaza is another amazing part of this area which has a commercial tower and lastly very close to the Marina Plaza is the pier 7 Dubai Marina which is a beautiful high story building which is made for people who have diverse tastes in food, and they serve various cuisines. You may also want to find out about the various apartments and buildings found in Dubai Marina.

Here are some of them that would really interest you.

  • Al majara

This is in high rise building. It has a five-tower residential complex which is found in a position which gives you a perfect view of the Dubai Marina.

  • Al Sahab

This is currently the first choice of many residents who want to spend some time in the Dubai Marina. It provides you with a great view of the Dubai Marina. It is an amazing twin tower that overlooks the Marina.

  • Dubai Marina towers

This is popularly the jewel of the Dubai Marina complex. These towers carried the names of the wonderful gemstones Dubai is known for. It also is the home of the amazing perfumes. This makes it a wonderful place to be and a great place for people who are looking for apartments to consider.

  • Marina Promenade

This place is indeed unmatched when it comes to Marinas which provide premium apartments. If you are looking for a furnished apartment for rent, this place would meet your needs. If you are also looking for a corporate apartment for rent or serviced apartments for rent, this is also a great place for you.

  • Dubai Marina walk

This is a great destination for travelers due to the available wide range of entertainment that is available. It also has a great and cool dining option which meets and suits your needs. From this guide you no doubt are equipped with enough information for you to enjoy the Dubai Marina.

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