Vida Downtown Dubai

The Vida Downtown Dubai is found only a short 10 minutes walk from the very popular Burj Khalifa. The Vida downtown hotel is a kind of boutique hotel which is made for majorly business travelers. This hotel has a business center. It also has a gym and also a nice outdoor pool. Vida Downtown Dubai also has a modern restaurant which is bursting with life and has lots of visitors. There is an amazing social experience you get to enjoy with the 3 in 1 Vida Downtown diners.

The Vida downtown also uses the services of the Deluxe interior decorations with designer furnishings which helps to distinguish the rooms in the hotel. It helps you to also clearly distinguish the furnished apartment for rent, the corporate apartments for rent and the corporate housing. All the different apartments have nice and unique bathrooms bath and shower. It also has in-room media which has flat screen TVs with satellite and also free Wi-Fi services. The available outdoor pool provides an opportunity for guests to relax. The Vida Downtown Dubai also has in house gym, where you can carry out cardio and fitness activities. From the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Aquarium and the Dubai underwater Zoo, you only need a 10-minute walk before you get to the Vida downtown. When compared to many other properties guests love this hotel because it provides better value for money and it is cheap. So you may wonder, what facilities makes this hotel one of the best in UAE with some of the best apartments to rent or purchase when properties are on a lease?

Facilities this hotel come with:

  • A free Space for parking
  • Nice and fast internet services
  • Nice available restaurants which provide food and drink
  • Vehicles for easy movement to the airport.
  • Lots of places for entertainment
  • A nice gym and fitness center
  • A nice temperature regulating pool with a great view

How you will feel:

Many guests point out to the clean environment and the wonderful smell of the apartments. Whether you select the furnished apartment for rent, the corporate apartments for rent and the serviced apartments for rent, you have to access to the lobby which as many related was like being in heaven. Some said that the rooms were very comfortable, nice and cozy. Many people enjoyed walking around the hotel, the apartments, and the neighborhood.

Places you can visit

  • The Emaar Square
  • The Dubai Fountain
  • Soul Al Bahar
  • The city walk mall
  • The Underwater zoo and aquarium
  • Burj Al Arab
  • The Grand Mosque

Places of interest around the property

  • The Dubai Mall which is located in the market around the property.
  • WAITROSE is also found in the supermarket.

Policies in the hotel

Check-in usually takes place around 3 pm – 12 Am. You also check out around 12:00 pm. Depending on the type be it the serviced apartments for rent, the corporate apartments for rent, the furnished apartment for rent, the payment room type varies. Pets are usually not allowed in the Vida downtown hotel. When you are also in a group and you need more than 9 rooms and supplements may apply. You also have the opportunity to make payments by means of American Express, MasterCard, Visa and so on. Indeed the Vida Downtown Dubai is a place to behold. With amazing facilities and a wide range of places to visit you can enjoy your Dubai vacation. There are a lot of apartments which you can access such as the corporate housing and apartments on rent such as the serviced apartments for rent and furnished apartment for rent. With this guide, you are equipped and ready to go.

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