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In a city filled with towers and skyscrapers, what makes the Address Sky View so exceptional? The city of Dubai is an emirate and is a member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai as a city is well known for the lavish and exquisite lifestyle associated with those in the region, whether they are citizens or visitors. The most sought after area in Dubai, known as Downtown Dubai in the heart of “New Dubai” is a large scale construction and expansion project. The Downtown Dubai area is home to some of the world` most impressive structures. The tallest building in the world (the Burj Khalifa) is in this area, the largest mall in the world (the Dubai Mall) is also in this area. There are many other buildings of interest and aesthetic value in the area.

The Address Sky View is still an ongoing project; hopefully, the building would meet its completion. The building has been described as a city and accurately so. This “airborne” the city is made up of two breathtaking towers which are connected at their summits by a majestic Sky Bridge. The mental picture alone is exceptional. This building fits right in where it is located, at the central hub of activity in the “New Dubai” district, the Downtown Dubai area. First and foremost is the fact that it is located in the Downtown Dubai area and hence is surrounded by a lot of interesting structures. The Address Sky View is a mere distance of 20 minutes from the Dubai International Airport and is a walkable distance away from the famous Burj Khalifa. It is an exceptional destination for travelers seeking leisure or those on a business trip.

Whether one is planning to rendezvous for lunch of an urbane business nature at the busy Dubai International Finance Centre or one simply wishes to engage in a shopping spree at some of the best shops in the area found in the Dubai Mall, all these are made easy as these destinations are all in the neighborhood of the Address Sky View. When it comes to entertainment, the Dubai Opera, VR Park, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is not too far either. Another interesting feature of the building is its exceptional spa services. To enhance your beauty and general health with the very best available techniques in the field without stepping out of the building. It is a wonderful prospect.

The spa operates together with a state-of-the-art fitness center that is sure to meet or beat your requirements. Exceptional event centers, a spa, and fitness center, yet these are not the most attractive aspects of the Address Sky View. The Address Sky View hotel section has been built with so much attention paid to detail. Each and every room is furnished and designed to give off an inviting feeling while still maintaining the classy and exquisite feel Dubai is so famous for. Premier room, club rooms, executive suites, the presidential suite and many more. An even more interesting feat is the residential area of the building, the Address Residences Sky Views. If the rooms in the hotel were good, the residential area of the building could be said to be the best (for those looking to stay for more extended periods). Plush sitting areas, exceptional chandeliers and beautiful motifs are some of the themes. Corporate housing for rent in the Address

Residences Sky Views is a feature most businessmen and women looking for a home away from home appreciate. The well-furnished apartments for rent in Dubai have been built to give their residents the very best the city has to offer by way of design, views and even culinary arts. These residents also enjoy a 24/7 room service option, similar to the hotel.

With regard to amenities, well, the building seems to have all the basics:

  • A Qix club for the younger guests (kids)
  • A pool bar
  • An infinity pool
  • A private cabana, and many more.

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