The Address Jumeirah Resort

The address Jumeirah resort has serviced apartments which are only a very short distance when you take a walk from the popular JBR. The Jumeirah resort comes with serviced apartments for rent and also luxury corporate apartments for rent. The corporate apartments for lease or those for rent consist of a service which offers you nice and quality dining services and many activities you can find on the beach.

You may wonder. What kind of apartments can I find in the Address Jumeirah Resort? Does it have the serviced apartments for rent, the furnished apartment for rent or the corporate apartments for rent? This guide is designed to provide you with enough information as regards the available apartments in the Address Jumeirah resort.

Various Apartments you can find in the Address Jumeirah Resort. The Address Jumeirah Resort is a wonderfully made and well designed residential area. It is made in such a way that from the building, you can have a wonderful view of the Arabian Sea and the JBR. There are service apartments for rent here, and many people really do love these properties, in fact, some of them are the best in the Jumeirah Beach residence. The apartments which can be leased in the Address Residence Jumeirah is very spacious enough and consists of corporate apartments for lease, services apartments for lease and also furnished apartments for lease. These apartments consist of 1- 2 bedrooms apartments which are made strictly for professionals and also people with their families who have the desire to enjoy the beach experience in Dubai or the JBR.

Prices for sale of apartments in the Address Residence Jumeirah Resort

The furnished apartments of the luxury apartments are of the best standards with mind-blowing architectural design. A 1-bedroom apartment could cost as high as AED 1,350,000. If you want to invest and purchase a 2 bedroom apartment, you can get this for almost double the price for the 1 bedroom apartment. The 3-bedroom apartments are leased for around AED3,700,000, and you can purchase this from this price to around AED 6,300,000. The apartments for lease at The Address Residence Jumeirah The resort is located very close to the popular Dubai eye. From the apartment, you get an opportunity to enjoy the view of the Dubai eye and other wonderful views which makes it among the best when it comes to the list of attractive properties in Dubai.

Fast features of the Address Residences Jumeirah Resort.

  • The various apartments found in the Address Residence Jumeirah Resort provides you with the
    feeling of living on a beach in Dubai.
  • The architectural design earlier mentioned is so wonderful to view, and it is positioned around the Dubai Marina. This is a sight many people love so much, and they always anticipate the experience always.
  • The various Amenities which can be found in the Address Residences Jumeirah Resort are really on the list of what people term a must have if they want to purchase an apartment.
  • The location of the Address Residences Jumeirah Resort is found close to the sea, and this is another plus.
  • You have an opportunity to enjoy the experience more by visiting the locality where the apartments are located and know more about living in JBR. This is important so that you pay for an apartment which you are sure you know much about.

From this guide, it is clear that The Address Jumeirah Resort is just the right kind of apartment if you want to rent or lease for people to purchase. The view, the design and the locations are many blessings that you are sure to enjoy if you select this apartment.

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