The Address Fountain Views

The Address Fountain Views is located in one of the most beautiful and active regions in the city of Dubai. The Downtown Dubai development plan has been a major success over the years with some completed project within its borders. The EMAAR developers have done some very impressive job over the years. In the Downtown region, some of its completed structures have earned themselves a superlative title all around the world. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on the planet, the Dubai Mall is the largest in the world, there are many more “superlatives” that stem from the city of Dubai.

The Address Fountain Views project is still ongoing, but from the progress made so far, some basic information concerning it can be extracted. True to its title as a structure in the Downtown Dubai area, the Address Fountain views is an architectural beauty. It has been described to be a ” three tower marvel.” This description seems to be based on the fact that it has a sort of connection or another to three of the most mesmerizing structures in its neighborhood. The Address Fountain Views offers a clear line of sight to the architectural milestone that is the Burj Khalifa.

The Address Fountain Views also offers a line of sight that brings out the beauty of the Dubai Fountain. But that is not all, the third building that the Address Fountain Views has a connection to is the Dubai Mall. But unlike in the two previous cases (the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain), the Address Fountain views are fitted with a direct connection to the Dubai Mall providing unfettered access into the vicinities of the mall for its visitors and residents. Hence it could in a way be referred to as a gateway. This otherworldly gateway, also contains a lot of rooms and suites of varying specifications to meet the needs and requirements of various individuals, be it pleasure or business inclined. These rooms are all extremely homely with meticulous consideration put into even the slightest of details. The rooms are well organized and properly furnished to meet every requirement a hotel visitor might have and even exceed such requirements. This is done because the rooms would be taking in a lot of guests who have extensive travel experience and who demand the absolute best. The room service system has also been tailored to meet these requirements; this is evident from the fact that it operates 24 hours a day and every day of every week. The sight from these rooms could include the extensive and complex cityscape, the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.

The deluxe rooms, the club room, the various suites (including the executive and presidential suite) are all tailored to be worth every single penny one might pay to enjoy them. Another option that the Address Fountain View gives interested persons is the opportunity of staying on a more temporary basis as one of the tenants on its apartment complex. The Address Residences Fountain Views is made up of furnished apartments for rent in the Address Fountain Views and corporate apartments for rent too. The studio residences are well fitted and extremely spacious but nevertheless still quite luxurious. The furnished apartments for lease also include the one bedroom residences, two bedroom residences, three bedroom residences, four bedroom residences, five and six bedroom residences and also the penthouses.

From small-scale art exhibitions, corporate seminars to government conferences, the Address fountain views have event centers fitted with the necessary amenities and ultramodern technology to suit a social or formal event. The available amenities are also top notch. The pool is available for residents and visitors, the alfresco pool deck and lounge, private cabanas, Qix club for the kids and many more. All these amenities have been said to be able to meet and possibly even exceed your imaginary standard.

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