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There are seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and the most beautiful one among them is the city of Dubai. It has been said to be the most modern emirate among its peers. This is a reputation that it has earned over the years with the constant advancement and raising up of new structures and general development of infrastructure. But unlike any other place, the city of Dubai has decided to go with an ultramodern building style for most of their buildings. This decision has proven to be beneficial for them because not only is it the most beautiful city in the region, it is also the most progressive. In addition, its appreciation for art and modern finesse has made it a very popular go-to for vacations for individuals and families alike.

The region is home to some of the most mesmerizing structures in the world for tourists; an example is the Burj Khalifa, which currently is the tallest building in the world. Downtown Dubai could be said to be an expandable project; it is located in the very heart of “New Dubai”. Most of the architectural wonders are found in this area, making it a necessary visit for tourists and visitors. The Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Mall, the Opera House, and many other high rising buildings. The Dubai Marina is a massive project that occupies the shores of the Jebel Ali (which is also another superlative found in the region- the world’s largest man-made port). The Dubai Marina consists of a considerable number of skyscrapers as well as a lot of  “Jumeirah Beach Walk” There are also a lot of restaurants and many entertainment options in the vicinity of the Dubai Mall.

For the purpose of this article, we will be considering the magnificent scenes and opportunities at The Address Dubai Marina. From its strategic location at the heart of New Dubai, the Address Dubai Marina has scenery that put the world’s largest man-made marina and waterfront development in the line of sight of its visitors and residents. This hotel does not only allow a clear line of sight but is also linked to the excellent Dubai Marina Mall. There are about 160 stores in the marina mall which have products from the various top-notch brand of designers. Moreover, the Address Dubai Marina also allows access to the beach which is only a few minutes away from it.

The Address Dubai Marina hotel is fitted with well-furnished rooms for rent. These rooms all contain state-of-the-art technology with an excellent combination of comfort and luxury. There are about 200 rooms of varying sizes and requirements (the number of occupants per room). Some of the rooms have a better view than other rooms. There are also business lounges for visiting businessmen and women.

In addition, the Dubai Marina Residences have proven to be a home away from home for many of its occupants. The entire facility made up of 442 exquisite apartments has a 24-hour room service system. Whether it is the studio apartments, the penthouse apartments or even the one to three-bedroom apartments, all of them have been designed to feel as warm as a home would while still retaining the stylishness the region is so famous for. Each apartment has a fully equipped gourmet kitchen and everything a home might need. Not to mention the Qix club, which is a fun location for the kids.

The view from both the hotel and residential apartments is simply wonderful, not to mention the close proximity to a lot of the other interesting venues in the area. The Dubai Media Park, the Dubai Metro station and a lot more are only a stone throw away.

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