The Address Dubai Mall

In a city well known for its luxurious shopping experience, it says a lot about a particular structure when it carries the name of the city. The Address Dubai Mall is such a structure. Dubai is a city that is quite famous for its beauty and new age look of its architectural structures. But that is not all it is famous for, the nightlife and the view of some of its structures are absolutely breathtaking. But most importantly, it is known as a recreational and fashionable business hub; this is because it is next to impossible to visit the city of Dubai without going shopping. Dubai is an emirate under the United Arab Emirates.

It is one of the world`s largest retail and entertainment facilities. It is linked to a hotel and apartment structure. This Hotel and the Address Residences Dubai Mall, they are both connected to the mall. So we could say that the Address Dubai Mall, is an initiative aimed at bringing access to one of the world` largest malls right to your doorstep. Similar to every other structure surrounding it, it is an architectural wonder and a majestic structure. Even individuals who know little to nothing regarding architecture cannot help but marvel at the sight of the hotel and its associated structure. The meticulous attention paid to the rooms and apartments in the Hotel is exceptional. The luxurious hospitality will leave you wanting for nothing regarding hospitality. In all the rooms attention is paid to detail, starting from the lights to the views. The available rooms include:

  • The deluxe room
  • The premier rooms
  • The club rooms
  • The club suites
  • The junior suites
  • The tower suites
  • The presidential suites, etc.

A lot of these apartments have their counterparts that afford a visitor or more permanent resident, the privilege of having the Burj Khalifa in their line of sight. With regard to the Address Residences Dubai Mall, no matter the space you are looking for, there would most likely be something that would satisfy you and your requirements. This structure contains a magnificent and wide range of residential apartment for rent. There are also corporate structures for rent. This would be appealing to those who are in the region for business purposes. Apartments for lease or rent include:

  • The studio residences
  • The one bedroom residences
  • The one bedroom premier residences
  • The two bedroom residences
  • The three bedroom residences
  • The two-bedroom penthouses

All these various apartments have their individual requirements with regard to the number of people allowed to occupy the space (these requirements will be made known while making reservations for the rooms).

Additionally, similar to the Address Dubai Mall Hotels, the Address Residences Dubai Mall contains already prepared and furnished apartments for rent. Additionally, all these apartments all grant you access to customer care 24/7. In as much as the apartments contain in-built kitchens, the culinary delights made available in both the Address Residences Dubai Mall and the Address Dubai Mall Hotel are simply mouth-watering. From simple breakfast requests to complex and exquisite dinners, the services are renowned. It would be unethical not to mention the amenities available as we talk about the Address Residences Dubai Mall and the Address Dubai Mall Hotel. From the limousine services made available to the guests and residents to the club lounge and business lounge, the amenities are spectacular. There is something for everyone, even a Qix kids club for the younger ones (from 5- year-olds to 12-year-olds).

It is a wonderful structure and is surrounded by other architectural delights to feed the eyes of their visitors and residents. These include the famous Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain and many more.

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