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Popularly known for its luxury shopping stores, extremely vibrant nightlife and its ultramodern architectural patterns, the emirate and city of Dubai (a member of the United Arab Emirates) is already one of the most ideal locations for a classy vacation in recent times. In the midst of all this beauty and surrealism, the Address Downtown (previously known as The Address Downtown Dubai) is definitely a place to visit.

Towering over the Dubai skyline at an astonishing 991 ft, the building for the Address Downtown Hotel and the Address Downtown Residences is a super tall beauty. With a construction time of about 3 to 4 years and an estimated AED845 million, the building which was developed by Emaar Properties has proved to be worth every single moment and every dime put into its construction. With regard to the peculiarity of the project, it would be careless if we mentioned anything about The Address Downtown before mentioning the peculiarity of its location.

Downtown Dubai is the central hub for most of the technological advancements and tourist attraction in the region. Downtown Dubai district could be said to be the very personification of elegance and contemporary stylishness. It is an excellent community. The Address Downtown could be said to be located at the entrance to this wonderful community. This community also includes the renowned Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. So the view from The Address Downtown is nothing to complain about as it could be said to be neighbors with the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. Not to mention the Dubai Mall and the Opera House. So, as far as neighbors go, one could safely say concerning those of the Address Downtown, it does not get any better than this;

Retaining its position as the twenty-second tallest building in the region, it is an extremely large complex featuring a five-star hotel and residential compound. There are a total of 196 rooms in the hotel and a whopping 626 serviced apartments. Altogether the building has a total of 63 floors with each floor taking up a considerable amount of space. Concerning the Address Downtown residences, these apartments are all available for rent or lease with varying prices depending on the room in question. The available options include 1, 2, 3, 4 and even 5 bedroom apartments. All these apartments have already been properly furnished. They are also serviced, so one has access to room service every single day.

The building also has penthouse accommodations as well as sky collection units. The view from the penthouse and sky collection apartments is simply exceptional (in addition to the neighbors mentioned earlier, the view also includes the Sheikh Zayed Road). This building would also be extremely convenient for business purposes and not pleasure or leisure only. Matter of fact, it also offers corporate housing and apartment for rent in Dubai. The corporate apartments in the Address Downtown are available for rent as well. Arrangements have also be put in place to be able to satisfy the needs of families, paying attention to every member. The building has a lot of amenities within it to make life easier and more interesting for tenants and visitors. These amenities include:

  • An impressive pool
  • A relaxing spa
  • A business lounge
  • A well-equipped gym
  • A majestic banquet hall
  • Round-the-clock security
  • Kids` hangout (Qix club) and many more

So, whether you are visiting the region for business or for pleasure, the Address Downtown will be able to match the taste of connoisseur of refined indulgence. With so much thought put into its construction and management, it is little wonder the Address Downtown is referred to as where life happens.

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