The Address Boulevard

The Address Boulevard is a new addition to the already existing lifestyle addresses in the region. Similar to all other structures and facilities under the Dubai Address brand, it is located in the heart of New Dubai. It is located in the renowned in technologically advanced Downtown Dubai area. This area is quite popular for its high rise buildings and stores and the ultramodern architectural pattern with which most of the existing structures were built. A view of the awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa can be gotten from the Address Boulevard. More to that, this exceptional structure has a direct link to a few more exceptional facilities in the area such as the Dubai Metro station, fashion avenue, as well as the Dubai Mall. The dining experience is of the charts, and the creative blend of exquisiteness and comfort have been said to leave a person with total peace of mind after a few days of relaxation. For those visiting for business purposes, the available amenities and the environment causes sufficient relaxation, leaving such persons with the perfect state of mind to go about their businesses.

The Address Boulevard hotel is a typical example of the ultramodern facilities found in the area. This urban resort is made up of a variety of rooms and suites for rent. The space within each of the rooms vary from one to the other, and each room carries not more than a given number of people. The rooms are all magnificent in their own unique way and have been designed and fitted to convey the air of stylishness popular in the area. From the mood lights to the absolutely stunning view that the rooms and suite afford, it is evident that a considerable amount of work had been put into the construction and fitting of these rooms and suites. They are made to give out a calm and sophisticated vibe. This makes the environment suitable for those who are in the area for business reasons. There are business lounges available for those on business trips. The boulevard rooms, boulevard club rooms, the executive downtown suite, the city suite, address suite, grand downtown suite are only a few of the available suites and rooms. Most of the rooms have a clear line of sight to the Burj Khalifa, so with regard to the views, the Address Boulevard hotel has it in the bag. There are also other available views depending on what suite a person chooses.

Next is the Address Residences Boulevard. As the name implies, this is a structure containing furnished apartments for rent in the Address Boulevard. There are also corporate apartments for rent in Dubai. All the available spaces for rent allow the residents to enjoy the warmth and comfort of home while still indulging in the services of a hotel (24/7 room service). These serviced apartments for rent or lease are of various specifications. But the common feature is that they are all exquisitely fitted to facilitate relaxation in all of the residents at the Address Residences Boulevard.

Moreover, all the other structures are nearby and easy to access, so you enjoy all that the region has to offer from the comforts of your home (so to say). From our stylish and spacious studios, the one bedroom residences, two bedroom residences, all the way to the seven-bedroom penthouse the view is wonderful. From a wonderful view of the city and the Dubai skyline to the enchanting view of Downtown Dubai and its encompassing structures and shops, the residents could be said to have access to a physical buffet.

The peaceful environment is further accented by the presence of a relaxing spa and other state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities include a pool, a hair and nail studio, and a host of other amenities and services.

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