Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai

What To Know about Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai
  • Proximity with the Jumeirah open beach
  • Proximity with the Burj Khalifa
  • Located along the Sheikh Zayed Road
Key Details
  • Distance to Burj Khalifa: 6km
  • Rooms: 377
  • Floors: 43
About Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai

The Sheraton Grand Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the heart of Dubai. It is located at the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and it offers a wide range view of the Dubai Skyline. One of the cools features of the Sheraton Grand Hotel is the rooftop pool which is set in a way that the temperature can be manually controlled. The Sheraton Grand Hotel features a grand accommodation with a 50-inch flat-screen TV, with the best beds and coffee machines. The entire design of the Sheraton Grand Hotel is welcoming and the interior design of the hotel gives you that feeling of elegance and class.

On the Sheikh Zayed Road, it is one of the most prominent Hotels which stands as the center of attraction. Each room in the hotel gives you the perfect feeling with its great ambiance and sights of beholding. In each room, you are welcomed with ample space for your bed and your work area if you need one. You cannot help but just love the hotel design. Every year, people from all around the world fly into Dubai and experience the comfort and luxury that the Sheraton Grand offers. It is a great place to be when you just need to relax.


In Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the main roads that is also regarded as a tourist attraction spot because of the overall aesthetics. Most of the best buildings in terms of architecture, design, and class are located on this road. It is the longest road found in the UAE that spans across several cities like Al-Silah and Ras al-Khaimah. There is a lot of high-rise building and skyscrapers located on this road. Since it is the main road, it is not difficult to get to from the airport or popular landmarks like the Dubai Mall or the Burj Al-Arab. The Sheikh Zayed Road is known to have some of the world’s most-visited buildings. Several Malls, Hotels brands, and several luxury brands can be found at the Sheikh Zayed Road because of the easy accessibility. From the airport, it is not difficult to get to this road because it serves as an access to Dubai luxury living


The Sheraton Grand is also a great destination for people planning a getaway wedding in Dubai. The entire design and scenery of the Sheikh Zayad Road add to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the wedding. The hotel can serve as a spot for your destination honeymoon. They have all it takes to make your stay and newlywed experience worth it.

FEAST is one of the best restaurants in the Sheraton Grand Hotel. It offers a dynamic experience when it comes to the preparation of cuisine. No matter where you are from, you will always find the food that you appeal to you at any time. You can feel free to surf the internet in one of the biggest cafes in the hotel. For the best internet access, head over to the Sheraton Lobby Café for your work. The hotel does not fail in giving you the best views of Dubai at all times.

  • Intercontinental meals restaurant
  • Rooftop pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Internet Access
  • 24 hours Security
  • Cleaning Service
  • Room Service
  • Concierge Service
  • Lounge
  • Garage Spa

The Sheraton Grand Hotel is a sight to behold. When you get to your destination, you cannot help but feel the class, and the beautiful architectural design that this environment has to offer. When you are thinking of serviced apartments in Dubai, the Sheraton Grand Hotel should be the first place to be.

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