Address Harbor Point

Address harbor point is one of the accommodations that are really sought-after when it comes to accommodations on creek Island Dubai. Address harbor point creates an opportunity for you to see the Dubai Creek Harbour. It has serviced apartments for rent which has accommodations with about one to about three rooms. From the apartments, you can see two places which many people in the world want to visit. These places are the Dubai Creek tower and the Burj Khalifa. To many these places serve as a global icon.

You can access this beautiful island residence of the Address Harbour Point by means of a circular boulevard. This is made possible because the Address harbor point is located on the northern cape of the Creek Island Dubai. It is also close to the Creek marina which makes it possible for you to enjoy the amazing waterfront. From the Address Habour point, you can also locate Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Airport by means of a short drive.

Facilities around the address harbor point.

  • A 15 minutes drive to the Dubai International Airport
  • Serviced apartments for rent which spans about 730,000 square meters.
  • Residential space for corporate housing and furnished apartment for rent which covers about 7,300,000 square meters.
  • Area for parks and open spaces for other activities which cover about 700,000 square meters.
  • The area which has about 200,000 residents.
  • An environment which is animal-friendly with about 450 animal species protected.
  • It has the Dubai Creek Tower which is currently changing the Dubai skyline and a global icon.


Address harbor point serviced apartments for rent and other branded apartments like the corporate apartments for rent and the furnished apartment for rent; all come with good windows which gives you an opportunity to see and admire the beauty of the sunrise and sunset in Dubai. The mix of the environment creates a beautiful horizon outside your window. The nice fixtures inside your building and the finishes on the walls inside your apartments add to the mind-blowing beauty. All of these put together makes the Address Harbour Point a site to behold and a place you would like to purchase apartments which are on lease.

Amenities found in the address harbor point:

The exclusive amenities in the address harbor point includes a beautiful well-equipped gymnasium and a health club which gives you the opportunity to enjoy your stay at the Address Harbour Point. The swimming pools are also wonderfully made to be controlled by the temperature, and in this place, people can visit and relax and let go of their problems after spending so much time on the day’s work. Together with the view of the surroundings, there is so much to be enjoyed.

The feel of the waterfront:

There is so much you can enjoy by means of the waterfront experience. You can relax and enjoy the view of the Burj Khalifa a building so loved as a global icon. You also have the benefit of spending some good evenings on the Creek Tower Dubai peering into the brilliant lights. You can also take a short ride to Downtown Dubai and have a good time. Irrespective of the apartment you select, the view is matchless; you have a lot to fill your eyes with. As a plus to all these benefits, the apartments both the serviced and otherwise provides access to the creek marina, the parkland, and pier, in which you can find entertainment, and dining services.

This shows that the Address Harbour Point is indeed a nice place if you want to locate your favorite tourist attractions site.

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